Oak Flooring Types

Oak Flooring Types: Solid Oak

There are two solid oak flooring types: white oak and red oak. Both are represented in various oak flooring grades, as with their engineered varieties currently on the market. They cost roughly the same per square foot. White oak is more classical in appearance and design than red oak. Red oak, as its name implies, is shaded with red and sometimes lighter tones. White oak is always light, resembling a mixture between charcoal and chalk, which does come off as a more natural tone overall.

Whereas white oak floor types are very durable, red oak floor types are less so, since they are porous and rougher, not able to withstand as much. White oak can be used for practically any application, but red oak is easier to customize and smoothen. Both of them do have their advantages.

Oak Flooring Types: Engineered Oak

Oak Flooring Types

Oak Flooring Types

Engineered white oak is reasonably-priced. On the other hand though, engineered red oak is very expensive. Engineered white contains some authentic hardwood, but it also includes a poplar core which has been multilayered with cross-ply for added durability. It is said to last longer than primary white oak.

Engineered red oak is created to withstand any conditions that are thrown at it. The timber is carved flat, and the finish on it is much smoother than its completely hardwood counterpart. Ensuring that it lasts for as long as possible is an aluminum oxide solution, layered on thick, up to eight times. These are generally worth the money unless you are on a budget, and are very sturdy oak flooring types.

Oak Flooring Types: Laminate Oak

Laminate oak is an interesting floor type that isn’t actually authentic timber sheets. It is designed to resemble them almost precisely. Laminate oak is forged from particleboard, and becomes topped with sticky picture sheets depicting wood grain. There are certain benefits to this type than others though. One of them is that it is really cheap. Another is that it is quite easy to install in homes, making it do-it-yourself project for self-renovators. It is among the most popular floors due to its ubiquity and ease of oak flooring installation.

Oak Flooring Types: Vinyl Oak

Vinyl oak sheets work in conjunction with laminate oak flooring, and are the last technical inclusion into the oak flooring types. These are sheets of sticky material with high-resolution photographs on them that depict various styles of wood grain. They can technically go over any foundation for a flooring structure, but the most popular use for them is plastering them over particleboard, as seen in laminate oak above. Any solid wood flooring can benefit from vinyls aesthetically. One major benefit is versatility in tone and style, since there are countless incarnations.

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