Oak Flooring

General Information on Oak Flooring

Oak flooring is made from oak trees, a timber cut down at the peak of its lifespan and allowed to sit out and harden for up to a year before being made into sheets for a hardwood floor. It is used for homes and businesses. Oak is generally elastic and flexible, which makes it great for this application. These types of floors can be used for aesthetics or for its sturdy structure. For a long time, oak has been a great building choice for renovators.

Oak Flooring Types

There are different categories for oak floors. Deciding which one you need can be tricky.

White oak is one of the most traditional. It is very sturdy and can be used for a host of applications in the home, and on top of that, it can be placed in any kind of room. Engineered white oak is enhanced from the factory it comes from to be even more reliable in the home. It is generally more expensive, but lasts longer.

Oak Flooring

Oak Flooring

Red oak has a rougher texture than white oak. It is less reliable than white oak as well, but easier to maintain overall. The costs are roughly the same. Engineered red oak is a great deal more expensive than other types, but it is also smoother and layered with materials to make it withstand things with ease.

Oak wood laminate is cheaper and a bit more flimsy than other types, but it does its job to give the home a nice finished look. It isn’t actually real wood, but it does resemble it. This type does not have any added durability, but honestly, would you expect it to? These are a popular type still, significantly cheaper and a good imitation.

Oak Flooring Colors

Colors include an antique brown look, auburn, butterscotch, cherry, cimarron, bighorn, dune, durango, blue ridge, fawn, gunstock, honey, mojave, seashell, spice, rushmore, saddle, rio grande, winter white, yellowstone, vintner cellar, cinnabar, copper, golden grain, hazelnut, and I’m sure there are others. The color options are very yielding, and there are methods that can be taken to ensure that you get the one that would go best with your home dec√≥r and furniture. You can even request a color and order it specially, at higher cost.

Oak Flooring Advantages

Oak floors, and solid wood flooring in general, are easy to maintain and clean. There are several oak flooring grades to choose from. The quality lasts for a long while. Oak flooring types can be used in any room because they have a versatile appearance, and are easily customized to any color you desire. Oak flooring installation is is a cinch, especially with laminate oak. Other benefits include a pleasant scent, and being comfortable to walk on.

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